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1 pic 4 words

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1 pic 4 words is a word game, free with IAP and ads: The user is shown a picture and given a grid of letter from which he has to connect the letters to make words, which are associated with the picture.


The game is consisted of:

– Main Screen with such elements: background image (current level image), game title, settings button and play button with the current level number;

– Game Screen: back button, settings button (same as on the main), level number, 4 boosters (hint booster, shuffle booster, direct hint, multi hint), grid with letters, crossword, word label and shop button;

– Game end Screen: game title, level x completed label, image with coins gained, next level button and number of coins button;

– Settings Screen displayed as a list: sounds on/off switch, alert before booster use on/off switch, button how to play, button support, button restore purchases, button privacy policy;

– Shop Screen: close button, coins state, title and list of IAP.

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1 pic 4 words

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